Heritage Grains Bread Co

Ingredients FROM

Organic Red Winter Wheat Berries, Local Farm John's Farm Fairview, OK

Organic Stone Ground Whole Wheat Flour, Natural Grocers  

Organic Strong Bread Flour, Natural Grocers

Organic Rye Berries, Heartland Mill, Lawrence KS

NON GMO/Pesticide Free Produce, Local Farm, Green Gold Gardens  Oklahoma City, OK

Dry Herbs, Local Farm, Keyhole Farms Midwest City OK

Various Honey's Raw and Unfiltered, Local Farm, Andrews Honey Bees Byars OK


Fresh milled Organic Grains and Cereals sourced Locally and Regionally paired with the Best Local ingredients we can get our hands on, mostly coming from our Friends at The Paseo Farmer Market! I know, I know you can go to the grocery store and grab bread for a few bucks... but what are you really getting? With our Organic Sourdoughs youĺl never find preservativres or addatives in our breads! Just Flour, Sea Salt, Filtered Water, Love and Devotion! When you buy HGBC you are not just supporting a Local Business, you are also deciding to eat cleaner and sharing that with your family. Our goal is to provide you with Fresh Gut Friendly Sourdough Bread that you can feel good about!  We truely belive in the procees of a long fermenteation of the dough which breaks down the sugars and most the gluten for food and turn to another benefical Perfect Food.


"Isn't that special"

— My Mom

I went gluten-free about 5 years ago because of a suspected wheat allergy. After trying several organic wheat flours with no apparent reaction, I believe what caused my “allergy” was actually glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, which is poured onto wheat crops prior to harvesting. This organic sourdough from @heritagegrainsbreadco is such a treat! Find them at @paseofarmersmkt or order online!
— Lisa L.